TASTE Restaurant at SAM Announces New Executive Chef

TASTE Restaurant at SAM has made its mark sourcing regional foods, supporting the local economy, as well as presenting those immaculate ingredients in simple and elegant dishes. It is a philosophy that Craig Hetherington, the new executive chef at TASTE, knows well.


Hetherington spent his boyhood in Pittsburgh, surrounded by a family of gardeners and cooks. He learned at an early age about the beauty of just-picked freshness and the responsibility for preserving the bounty. As an avid outdoorsman and former competitive cyclist, Hetherington believes in being an active contributor to the stewardship of precious farmland and wildlife areas.


Hetherington received a culinary degree from South Seattle Community College. He cooked at Elliott’s Oyster House, Baci Catering and the Stimson-Green Mansion prior to joining TASTE Restaurant in March 2007 as the sous chef. A year later, he was promoted to executive chef. He is a member of Chef’s Collaborative and formerly served on the board for four years.

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2 Comments on “TASTE Restaurant at SAM Announces New Executive Chef”

  1. Chris Bird Says:

    Is Chef Custer still involved? I had the great pleasure of eating at her first ever “guests in the kitchen” meal in 1998. It is still the most memorable meal of my life.

    I will be coming to Seattle soon, and would very much like to remake her acquaintance.


  2. Brenda Says:

    I really love the focus on local foods, especially the Quillisascut Goat Tomme and Estrella Creamery’s Black Creek Buttery cheeses. Please keep using raw milk cheeses in the restaurant – they are nutritionally superior than their pasteurized cousins. Love it!

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