Future Foodies


A future foodie, post dessert.

At TASTE, we always welcome families. But last night, we participated in the Family Dining Series sponsored by Future Foodies and Red Tricycle. The series was created to allow families to dine on a designated night at some of the city’s best restaurants without scrutiny from other diners who may not appreciate the presence of little ones at the dinner table. img_1796_2

We were thrilled to see all the kids enjoy TASTE-style child-friendly foods. Who says a hot dog and fries can’t be of good quality? (The photo to the right shows Meilee, daughter of Future Foodies founder, Hsiao-Ching Chou, eating said organic hot dog.)

We’ve emphasized all along that TASTE believes in togetherness at the table, and the Future Foodies event is just one expression of that sentiment. Just as we have to share the treasures of the art museum with future generations, we have to expose young palates to the beauty and importance of choosing great ingredients and paying attention to the consequences of our choices.

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