New Flight and Bites

The economy is on the rocks and the daily reminders in the news just make you want a cocktail or two. Or three.

Without breaking the bank or feeling the repercussions the next morning, you can enjoy our latest Flight and Bites, which features tastes of three hand-crafted cocktails paired with three complementary nibbles.

It’s always a (pleasurable) process to sip our way through the flight options to determine the three pairings. After nixing a cardamom tequila and a carrot apple ginger cooler, we decided that the sweetness of the pear and the earthiness of the thyme in our A Pear in Thyme would match a chickpea frita topped with Rogue River blue cheese.

Next we chose the wintery Figgy Bourbon, which is made in house by steeping Turkish figs in Maker’s Mark. The depth of the cocktail is cleverly matched with our pecan potato pie studded with grilled mushrooms and herbed chèvre.

The last pairing is probably the most intriguing and combines a little sweet and a little savory. Our Liquid Mendiant, with cocoa nib vodka and tarragon, surprises the palate when paired with a chicken liver mousse crostini with pickled onion and cherry.

So come on in and take a load off. You deserve it.

Choose all three for $18 or one for price as listed.

First: $8
A Pear in Thyme | pear brandy, pear vodka, thyme
Chickpea frita (fritter) | spiced carrot reduction, rogue river blue cheese

Second: $7
Figgy Bourbon | maker’s mark, turkish figs
pecan potato pie | herbed chevre, grilled mushrooms

Third: $8
Liquid Mendiant | cocoa nib vodka, chocolate liquor, tarragon
chicken liver mousse, crostini, pickled onion

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