Chef Craig at FareStart


Photo by Amos Morgan

Photo by Amos Morgan

Chef Craig Hetherington joins the ranks of well-known and philanthropic chefs at FareStart’s Guest Chef Night on October 22nd.  Wildly successful, Guest Chef Nights pair homeless and disadvantaged individuals in the FareStart culinary training program with star chefs from around Seattle.   Craig is excited to support such a good cause and looks forward to working with the students and sharing his passion for local, sustainable cooking.  Come join Craig and the FareStart team as they create a three course gourmet meal.  At just $24.95 per person, reservations are bound to go fast!


celeriac puree   l   roasted parsnip dumplings


short-rib bourguignon   l   padron puree, kuri squash, chanterelles & shaved curado


ravioli   l   olsen’s potatoes, leeks, sweet cream, quillisascut chèvre  & syrah gastrique


pumpkin tart   l   walnut croquant, candied cranberries & ginger crème fraîche

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