TASTE Wine Program – A little about What We Do

Here at TASTE Restaurant a lot of hard work went into creating our wine program when we first opened our doors in May 2007. Our hard work continues today to create the best wine program we think possible. Here’s a little bit more about what we offer

  • A 100% Northwest wine list with value oriented pricing
    • Wines by the bottle are a third less than the markup at most restaurants
      • From the beginning this was our mission when creating our wine list. We would rather have you try two great bottles of wine vs. only being able to purchase a bottle. We want you to explore what we have to offer.
      • There are four ways to consume our wines. By the bottle and glass, TASTING portions, six red and white wines are available in tasting sized portions, and Messo, wine available in a half liter carafe.
    • Sixty handpicked wines
      • We focus on small family-run, unique wineries and varietals.
  • Our wine list is organized by flavor profile
    • Our layout was created for ease of use. All our wines are listed in categoris and by varietals to aid in food and wine pairing.
  • We offer wines blended just for us
    • Masterpiece Red and Masterpiece White were created by TASTE’s Director, Danielle Custer, in collaboration with Don Townshend of Townhend Cellar to commemorate the opening of the Olympic Sculpture Park in 2007. The red is a super Tuscan syle blend of mostly sangiovese. The white is an aromatic and refreshing blend of sauvignon blanc and viognier.
    • Masterpiece Red and Masterpiece White are available for retail purchase at $35/$27 per bottle (50% off our list price). ALL our current wines are available for retail purchase at 25% off our value priced wine list.
    • Keep an eye out soon for another white and red wine from Townshend Cellar.
  • Behind the Scenes of special events and dinners (Splash!, TASTE of the Northwest and Flight & Bites)
    • TASTE has a unique way of developing the pairings for each special event dinner. The TASTE team sits down with the selected wine for a winemaker dinner at a table full of raw ingredients and tastes each wine, noting the aromas, flavors, complexities and nuances. Then as a group they discuss potential pairings and taste raw ingredients according to how the wine speaks to them. The result is the first-round of dishes based on the flavors discussed during the tasting.
    • TASTE designed the dinners to be not only intimate, interactive and approachable, but affordable as well. The dinners are almost always under $90 per person.
    • SAM Members receive ten percent discount on all special event dinners
  • Our wine program by the numbers $140,000 or 97% is spent on local beverages (wine/beer)

To see our full wine list click here. Is wine not your thing? See our cocktail and beer list here.

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