“Last Friday of the Month” Neighborhood Wine Tasting -June 25

TASTE Restaurant’s “Last Friday of the Month” Neighborhood Wine Tasting takes place on June 25th.  Drop  in anytime between 5-6:30 pm to experience some Washington terrior driven wines from one of our favorite local winemakers (and former “garage-ist”) Gordy Rawson, who now has a wonderful tasting room and Chatter Creek winery in Woodinville.

June’s Wine Focus & Notes:

This month we are excited to introduce you to Gordy who says “The reason why I make wine is to celebrate the uniqueness of the different terroir of Washington”, as well as  feature four distinctive wines from Chatter Creek, a winery that specializes in handcrafted varietal wines that emphasize the diverse terroir of Washington State. The annual production is approximately 2000 cases: 1500 cases of single-vineyard red varietals, and 500 cases of white wine. Come and enjoy some unique wines, interesting grape varietals and learn a little bit about viticulture and growing areas in Washington State.

Chatter Creek   |   Orange Muscat   |   2008   |   Yakima Valley (375ml)          

$25 / $17 (special retail price) 

This off dry (slightly sweet) wonderful and aromatic wine reminds us of the wonderful Moscato di’Asti of Italy. This extremely versatile wine is delicious all by its self in the hot summer sun or served with a variety of salads / fish (light fare) or as a not-so-sweet dessert wine. This might be one of our favorite” finds” of the year – especially for this summer!

Grape Varietal:  100% Yakima Valley Orange Muscat

Tasting Note: Huge floral “spring” flower and sweet apricot on the nose with ripe peaches, orange (citrus) and good minerality on the finish. Bright acid keeps the wine from appearing too sweet – yum!

Chatter Creek   |    Nebbiolo   |   2007   |   Wahluke Slope 

$37 / $23 (special retail price)

Nebbiolo is an Italian wine grape associated with the Piedmont region with its name thought to be derived from “nebbia” which means “fog” During harvest, which generally takes place late in October, a deep, intense fog sets into the region where many Nebbiolo vineyards are located. The wine is lightly colored and can be highly tannic in youth with scents of tar and roses. With age, the wine takes on a brick-orange hue of maturity and reveals other aromas and flavors such as wild herbs, tart red fruit (cherries & raspberries), truffles, tobacco, and prunes.

Grape Varietal: 100% Nebbiolo from Clifton Vineyard

Tasting Note:  Deep red cherry, orange zest and almost brandy (negroni-esque) on the nose. Hot dry dusty earth, strawberry and rose petals on palate with a light smoke and stewed Italian prune-plum on linger – “prunes-mores”

Winemaker’s Note: 38 months in French oak

 Chatter Creek   |   Grenache |   2007   |    Columbia Valley                                 

$27 / $17 (special retail price)

Grenache is one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world. It ripens late, so needs hot, dry conditions. It’s the dominant variety in most Southern Rhône wines and is often used in rose and fortified wines such as Banyuls.

Grape Varietal:  78% Grenache (14% morvedra + 8% syrah)

Tasting Notes: Strawberries, marionberry “pie”, watermelon candy, rhubarb, peach, bramble and black tea fill this interesting glass of deliciousness. Sweet red fruit (cranberry- raspberry), a light vegetal note, nice minerality of gravel and tight acid make this a graceful drinker.

  Winemaker’s Note:  All new vines

Chatter Creek |   Malbec  |   2007   |    Columbia Valley

$37 / $23 (special retail price) 

The grapes tend to have an inky (red or violet) dark color and robust tannins. Long known as one of the six grapes allowed in the blend of red Bordeaux wine. A popular but unconfirmed theory claims that Malbec is named after a Hungarian peasant who first spread the grape variety throughout France. The grape is a thin-skinned and needs more sun and heat than either Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot to mature. It ripens mid-season and brings very deep color, ample tannin structure, and a particular plum-like flavor component that adds complexity to blends.

 Grape Varietal:  100% Malbec

Tasting Note:  Bright nose of big black fruit (blackberry, plum) and tobacco. Black tea, ripe fruit, cassis, violets and hints of lead makes an elegant big “merlot-like” glass with a  soft finish.

 Winemaker’s Note:  Very small production

For more information on Chatter Creek and Gordy Rawson, visit www.chattercreek.com and don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

TASTE Responsibly!

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