What’s in the CSA Box?

We have been anxiously waiting to see what fantastic produce the first CSA delivery from  Boistfort Valley Farm would bring us and now that its here, we are happy to provide you a list of what you’ll get as well as a few delicious recipes from the TASTE’s staff.

In this weeks delivery, you will find:

Bunched carrots



Green onions

Apple Mint

Bok choy

Garlic flowers

Red Oak leaf lettuce



TASTE Recipe

For a TASTE inspired recipe using your new goodies, check out this out:


The CSA green onions can substituted for the “sliced onion” and add chopped fresh cilantro as a nice addition when tossing the carrots and lettuces together.


Anna’s CSA Tips & Recipes

TASTE’s very own Catering Sales Manger, Anna Bazzi, will be taking part in this Summer’s CSA drop off and after reviewing the list of items for the first drop-off today, pulled a few recipe options that she’s already preparing for:

“I am looking forward to making a bok choy stir fry http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Stir-Fried-Mushrooms-and-Bok-Choy-Donggu-Pei-Shucai

Using the carrots in my favorite morning glory muffin recipe (dairy free!) http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/1470

And freezing the strawberries for smoothies.  I do frozen strawberry, frozen banana, skim milk, a dash of vanilla & a dollop of strawberry jam.  It tastes like a decadent milk shake but is virtually fat free. ”

Thanks, Anna! Can’t wait to see what’s in next week’s drop off!

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One Comment on “What’s in the CSA Box?”

  1. Daryn Says:

    I’m a member of this CSA too, isn’t it great? I love forcing myself to branch out from my usual veggies; thanks for the recipes, hope you post some every week!

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