New Summer Flight and Bite

Its summer time! Well, for the most part and TASTE Restaurant is celebrating with a new Summer Flight and Bite menu featuring  new delicious bites and  unique Summer wines exclusive to TASTE.

The process began last week when TASTE Director Danielle Custer, Executive Chef Craig Hetherington and Beverage Director Kris Rezac sat down in the TASTE Private Dining Room with the intent to create a new Flight and Bite inspired by all things Summer. For those of you who are not familiar with our Flight and Bite process, we traditionally create a menu inspired by wine and food pairings: 3 seasonal bites paired with 3 NW regional wines.  This time, we decided to throw caution to the wind and break with tradition; we narrowed our top 5 wine choices down to 4, as it was much too difficult for us to choose!  For the first time in the history of TASTE Flight and Bites, we now have an “optional” 4th unique wine, one uniquely “non-NW” wine, and actually “non- wine” as its fortified. In addition, there are 3 “winery exclusive” wines that only TASTE has access to.

Throughout the tasting process, there were many blissful moments: Both the Vermouth and the Orange Muscat (both with a bit of floral, spice and slight sweetness) worked well with mascarpone, fennel, Arbequina Olives and oregano.

The Sangiovese Rose had hinds of watermelon, tomato jam and orange blossom, and worked well with cheese sauce, sliced tomatoes and slightly sweet, fresh cheese.

And finally, the unique Gamay-Pinot Noir blend had tons of forest floor, pine, licorice, cherry, and hint of bubble gum, which paired beautifully with basil, blue cheese, caramelized fennel, and rich demi.

With the wine selections and favorite compliments chosen, it was up to Chef Craig to create the perfect pairings. In another surprising twist, rather than going in a lighter direction that is reminiscent of Summer, he created 3 savory bites reminding guests that yummy comfort food is definitely a necessity all year long. Nothing beats Mac n Cheese – Even in July!

Beginning Friday, July 2nd, swing by to relax and sample the TASTE-y summer treats!

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