What’s in the CSA Box?

Here is what’s in this week’s bounty:

Purple Radishes

Snow Peas

Shell Peas




Italian Parsley



Anna’s CSA Tips & Recipes

This week, Catering Manager Anna Bazzi is looking for readers to send in recipes, especially regarding Purple Radishes!

I am far from a picky eater but one thing I have a hard time eating is radishes.  So when I get them in my CSA  box, I make sure not to let them go to waste & include them in a beautiful bouquet instead.  They look great & brighten up the house.  Big radish fans please send in recipes.  I would love for you to change my mind!

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2 Comments on “What’s in the CSA Box?”

  1. Tammy McLeod Says:

    I chop them into salads with mint and cucumber or a bit of pineapple.

    • tastesamblog Says:

      Love that idea! Sounds so refreshing – perfect for Summer! Thanks so much for sharing with us and other readers!

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