Art Installation Updates

The Olympic Sculpture Park

Trenton Doyle Hancock, The Ossified Theosophied, (Aborted but Beautiful), 2005

The Olympic Sculpture recently revealed their newest installation featuring Trenton Doyle Hancock.

For over a decade, Trenton Doyle Hancock has developed a dramatic narrative featuring a cast of colorful—and often not so colorful—characters, who populate a wildly fantastic, invented landscape. Through paintings, drawings, collages, and sculptures Hancock’s fiction has become an epic saga chronicling two races: the peace-loving Mounds and the often troubled Vegans, who have lost their ability to see in color. The artist recounts tales of these figures through vivid imagery that reaches mythological proportion and shows evidence of wide-ranging artistic influences, including comics, graphic novels, cartoons, comedic timing, 1970s and 80s music, including the R&B group Full Force, and a variety of film and painting traditions. This spectacular universe is inhabited by characters with names such as Sesom, Betto Watchow, The Legend, Painter, Torpedoboy, and the Miracle Machines. In his site-specific, immersive installation at the Olympic Sculpture Park, Hancock will create a new large-scale sculpture and wall drawings that will continue the imaginative imagery he has developed over the years.

Visit the Olympic Sculpture Park’s website  for more information on Trenton Doyle Hancock and his art.

TASTE Restaurant

Time is running out to catch Nature Abstracted-  New Encaustic Paintings and Mixed Media works byEva Isaksen and Leslie Stoner at the TASTE Restaurant. Don’t forget to stop between now and September 12, 2010!

Leslie Stoner’s paintings are suggestive of nature–abstract, active landscapes which “picture frame” a quiet central stillness, a resting place; with sporadic dots and lines that mimic the life or energy that is inherent in nature, its essence.                                                                      

Using a process called encaustic, Stoner works with molten beeswax, which allows her to push and pull the surface of the painting. She applies layers of opaque and transparent wax, burying what lies beneath, and then scrapes away to reveal what is hidden. Working in this manner Stoner is able to repeatedly work and rework the surface until the painting is complete.

Eva Isaksen finds inspiration in nature, organic forms, seasons, repetition, growth, life and regeneration. Her work is about color, line, space, light, and about art as a process that always changes and grows.

Isaksen’s work at TASTE is made up of layers of thin papers. The papers, which she prints and draws on and cuts up, are layered endlessly on the canvas.

All work in the show is available for rental and sale at SAM Gallery.

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