Seasonal Cornucopia

Here at TASTE, we’re always looking for fun and helpful tips for our readers (and for ourselves!) We recently came across the website Seasonal Cornucopia – and we were hooked! What is Seasonal Cornucopia, you may ask? It’s an incredibly helpful site for chefs, restaurateurs, home cooks and gardeners in the PNW.  Originally started by Becky Selengut, Seasonal Cornucopia is run by Cook Local , a Seattle based web site focused on local and seasonal cooking. The website was created in the hopes that chefs, both in a restaurant and at home, could incorporate local, seasonal and organic foods into their cooking. In addition, the site helps with the planning ahead of menus and most of all, it inspires us all to grow and harvest as many of the foods ourselves.  

All you have to do is enter in “What’s in Season this Month” button or enter the ingredient name you’re working with and see what’s currently in season.  Its definitely helped change the way I do my shopping!

Check it out today- ANd if you’re looking for clever ways to use your recent CSA goodies, this site will definitely inspire you!

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