TASTE Restaurant & Events: Menus Inspired by the New Exhibit at SAM

The entire TASTE Team has been anxiously waiting for the arrival of the work of Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), presented by the Seattle Art Museum. The landmark exhibition of more than 150 extraordinary paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints and photographs, Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris  is the largest exhibition of its kind to come to the Northwest.

The arrival of this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition is exciting the Seattle community and TASTE’s talented culinary team has created a Spanish and French inspired menu.

Chef Craig Hetherington / TASTE Restaurant

Craig finds inspiration in how Picasso chose the colors he used based on what appealed to him in his surroundings, food and women. The menu at TASTE will have its roots in the Northwest with a nod toward Spanish-Mediterranean flavors.

A Few  Menu Items:


Olive oil poached prawns   |   arbequina & frisee salad, samfaina (eggplant and tomato preserve), jerez aioli

Smoked Rice  |  chorizo, marinated mussels, tomato demi, preserved lemon

Pastry Chef Lucy Damkoehler / TASTE Restaurant & Events

Lucy identifies with the moods of Picasso’s different art periods. The Blue Period translates into desserts for a cold day, such as churros. The Rose Period might be a dessert involving chevre, rose nougat and a sable. The Cubist Period might equal a deconstructed dessert. 

“I see candied oranges on the plate, some form of a sable, and possibly a huckleberry sauce”

A Few Menu Items

Blue Period    |  cinnamon sugar churros, saffron caramel chocolate sipping sauce

Rose Period   |   orange toffee, rose nougat, ennis hazelnut brittle


Paul Rosquita / TASTE Events

Enthused by his time living abroad, Paul finds inspiration for his menu by drawing upon his experiences ands surroundings while living in Europe.

When a new exhibit opens at the Seattle Art Museum, the culinary staff at TASTE Events creates customized menus celebrating the new artist and these menus are used throughout all of the opening events.    

A Few Menu Items:

Tray Passed Bites

Pa Amb   |   tomato-rubbed crostini

Mojo De Cliantro     |   sea salt roasted new potatoes & cilantro

Special Exhibit Bite Station

Herb Baked Olive Medley

Local & Imported French Cheese 

Garlic Sautéed Shrimp Skewer  |  smoked paprika

Skagit River Farm Spicy Sausage & Spinach Coca Flatbread

Assorted French Macarons


TASTE Bar (Restaurant & Events)

Neo Cubism inspired our cocktail list from our inception.

neo cubist  |  pyrat rum, sparkling wine, mint, simple syrup

The Bohemian  (By Duncan Chase)

“While trying to narrow this incredible artist to a few simple words, (acknowledging that really doesn’t do credit to either his life, or his work) I found the following definitely fit: unique, unexpected and complex.

This cocktail combines 3 unusual and often misunderstood spirits with fresh lemon juice that hopefully fits.”

 ¾ ounce  Rhum Climant

¾ ounce  Luxardo Marischino Liquor

¾ ounce  Green Chartreuse

¾ ounce  fresh lemon juice

Fill mixing cocktail tin ¾ with ice

Add all ingredients

Stir gently until chilled

Strain “up” into chilled martini glass

Cubismo (By Tiffany Friday)

“About 11 years ago I lived abroad in Sevilla, Spain and  I fell in love with the bold food and lively people and truly embraced the colorful culture. A few of my favorite memories are drinking sangria with my amigos in the plazas, munching on almonds from a vending machine and listening to folk flamenco music”

cubismo |  7 hills tempranillo sangria, clement creole shrub, lustau cream sherry, amaretto almond milk, gelatin

New TASTE Restaurant Hours during the Picasso Exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum:

Tuesday: 11am-3 pm, Open for Lunch; 3pm -6pm, open for Happy Hour during Picasso beginning October 8th through January 17th 

Wednesday – Saturday: Lunch, Happy Hour, & Dinner, 11am-10pm

Sunday: Brunch, & $12 Urban Supper, 9am-8pm

Closed Monday

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