TASTE Bartender Tiffany Friday’s Take on the New Exhibit at SAM

About 11 years ago I lived abroad in Sevilla, Spain where I studied the art history and culture of Spain.  While living with a Spanish family, I fell in love with the bold food and lively people and truly embraced the colorful culture.

Since my time aboard, I have held a special place in my heart for Spain. A few of my favorite memories are drinking sangria with my amigos in the plazas, munching on almonds from a vending machine and listening to folk flamenco music. 

When I was 20, I encountered my first wine tasting experience at a Sherry winery in Jerez.

To celebrate the new Picasso exhibit at SAM, I wanted to create a cocktail that included distinct flavors of Spain while also reflecting the Cubist Art movement. 

I named the cocktail “Cubismo” the Spanish word for cubism. This particular cocktail consists of three distinct elements:  Sangria, Almond milk, and Sherry (Jerez).  To develop these flavors I used Amaretto in the almond milk, 7 Hills Tempranillo, Clement Creole Shrub and fresh fruit juice for the Sangria, and Lustau Cream Sherry for the Jerez. 

I’ve had success with edible cocktails in the past and TASTE Lead Bartender Duncan Chase suggested I create something that is inspired by the new and exciting exhibit. After much thought my husband suggested I try a mosaic approach to making the edible cocktail.  The cocktail took about 3 days to construct and when finished, was topped off with a candied orange zest. 

For more information on this exciting new exhibit and how TASTE has been inspired, click here.

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One Comment on “TASTE Bartender Tiffany Friday’s Take on the New Exhibit at SAM”

  1. […] TASTE Featured on Heed the Hedonist! TASTE Restaurant was recently featured on Heed the Hedonist blog and we couldn’t be happier! We love the Hedonist and it was such an amazing honor to have her drop in last week to take in the experience at TASTE.  Included in the piece is a wonderful description of the new Picasso exhibit at SAM as well as TASTE menu options inspired by the new exhibition. Check out the great pictures of Pastry Chef Lucy and Lead Bartender Duncan Chase (and his featured cocktail, The Bohemian) as well as Bartender Tiffany Friday’s edible cocktial,  the Cubismo. […]

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