New Artist Reception – Dec 15


SAM Gallery presents at TASTE Restaurant

 Dark Matter

Nichole DeMent and Monika Steiner

December 15th-March 13th, 2010

You are invited to the Opening Reception on Wednesday, December 15th, from 5pm-6pm at TASTE Restaurant.

RSVP to 206.903.5291 or email
Space is limited.

Monika Steiner’s paintings feature emerging and dissolving spheres, nature’s most efficient shape, floating in empty space. Integral to the creation of her abstract art are the concepts of Metaphysics – the philosophical study of being, knowing, and fundamental reality – and her daily practices  in Mediation, in which she explores the conscious and unconscious dimensions of the mind.

Nichole DeMent is interested in representing what isn’t seen, from the psyche to the multiple dimensions of Quantum Physics. Through obscuring the focus of subject/object her images of nature correspond to her imagination’s colorful thoughts on that 90-90% of life that Stephen Hawking calls Dark Matter.

All work in the show is available for rental and sale at SAM Gallery.

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