Serve Your Community While Being Served at TASTE

Everyone loves eating out; we do it all the time whether is socially or professionally. Why not give back to your community while dining? Here at TASTE Restaurant, we take our community involvement seriously. That’s why we are once again thrilled to participate in Celebrated Chefs. Last year, it was Chef Craig who was featured in their tantalizing cookbook and this year, our amazing Pastry Chef Lucy is featured (see above) with her delicious Pretzels and Dip!

Celebrated Chefs is a unique dining program that supports the work of hundreds of non-profit organizations in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC and raises money for local non-profit organizations.  As a member of this program, Celebrated Chefs restaurants donate 5% of your dining bill to your designated cause. No special cards or identification is required. You simply pay your bill with the card you enroll as part of your membership and the 5% donation from the restaurant is automatic. So simple!

Celebrated Chefs cookbooks are free to TASTE Restaurant guests who sign-up for the dining program. Once you enroll, you’ll receive the Celebrated Chef’s cookbook, which will act as your insider’s guide to one of the finest collections of recipes from the Greater Seattle Area. And you can have your own recipe from Pastry Chef Lucy!

Not only does Celebrated Chefs make is easy to donate to the cause of your choice, but it their online Events Calendar keeps you up to date on all the happenings with the participating restaurants.

Next time you eat, remember that you can give back to your community with Celebrated Chefs!

Enroll now– Its seriously that easy!

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