Nick Cave, Meet Me at the Center of the Earth Opening

Beginning March 10th and running through June 5th, the Seattle Art Museum will be featuring an exciting new exhibit –  Meet Me at the Center of the Earth.

Come and view the incredible  creations that spring out of Nick Cave’s imagination. Cave calls them Soundsuits. Our SAM team calls them a beautiful, joyous,  colorful opportunity to explore an alternative world which challenges conventions and inspires new ways of thinking.

Inspired by Cave’s use of bright, vivid colors, and abstract textures, TASTE culinary team has created an lively menu that will invoke a heightened sense of taste.

Catering Chef Paul focused his attention on “bringing a lot of pop” to his new menu. That “pop” can be found in his fresh and effervescent Seared Tuna Spring Rolls and vibrant Vegetable Crudites.

Pastry Chef Lucy loved Cave’s use of fashion in his Soundsuits and was moved to create her new sweet and sugary “”Button” Butter Cookies. Continuing to play on the fashion infusion of Cave’s suits, images of bright colors on white fur costumes inspired Lucy’s colorful Spring Couture Macarons.

Inspired by the vivid color and liveliness of Nick Cave’s Soundsuits, TASTE Bartender Duncan Chase created this surprising cocktail using our house made fire roasted padron pepper vodka, Cave In. Check out the recipe below!

Cave In


1 ¼ oz pepper vodka

½  oz blue curacao

½ oz blood orange puree

½ oz mango puree

4 oz soda water

This drink is built in stages using crushed ice in a Collins glass. First, add pepper vodka, then fill the glass ¼ of the way with crushed ice Next, add blue curacao, and fill the glass to halfway with more crushed ice. Then add the blood orange puree, and layer in crushed ice until the glass is ¾ full. Over this, pour the mango puree and top with crushed ice. Add soda water slowly to fill, and gently insert a straw. Cocktail should be served unmixed, but stirred gently before drinking.

TASTE Responsibly!

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