Beauty & Bounty

 The Seattle Art Museum has an exciting new exhibit opening  June 30. The new exhibit Beauty & Bounty; American Art in an Age of Exploration runs through  September 11, 2011 and features the works of pioneer artists and photographers who captured images of the northwest during the 19th and early 20th century before its mass colonization.

The Seattle Art Museum will exhibit more than 100 pieces of  the pioneer American artists. Some pieces have rarely if ever  been seen by the public, or even kept in private collections. The new exhibit is not only art, but a part of history that invokes the imagination and takes the viewer back in time to the un-populated, quite eeriness of the lush northwest.

Local television station KCTS 9, is providing an in-depth look at how landscape painters and photographers shaped the idea of  great frontier that was the Northwest. Take a look here: http://

We know this exhibit will get our creative juices flowing when putting on events and coming up with new ideas for TASTE’s menu. Chieft illustrator for Scribner’s Monthly and Explorer, Thomas Moran, insired today’s inspirational board. “Moran offered Americans and Europeans their first look at several spectacular sites that where later preserved as national parks.” He is one of many artists featured in the exhibit!

Stay tuned for more information on this wonderful new exhibit at SAM – and how TASTE will be celebrating all things  Beauty and Bounty!

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