Featured on Fair Trade USA!

Boasting isn’t really our thing here at TASTE, but we can’t resist it this time! We are so proud to be a part of our Management Company, Bon Appétit. Under the umbrella of Bon Appétit, we believe that workers in other industries and other countries deserve the same rights and protection that we here at TASTE stand by, in addition to our other 400 plus cafes here in America.

Earlier this month, TASTE was featured in the Fair Trade USA website, for having fair trade products on our menu-Theo Chocolates as being one of them. We shake our fists in the air with passion when we say, “We are so lucky to have Bon Appétit as a ‘role model’! They have been a wonderful sustainable business to follow; forward thinkers in doing what is right in the world and they have made it their mission to become involved in various farm worker advocacies, from sponsoring a special TEDx conference on farm workers along with supporting particular labor issues.

And the boasting continues; Bon Appétit is extending their fair trade commitments beyond the plate. They want to continue with their efforts on helping not only the farmers cultivating food, but extending their efforts to support Fair Trade by supplying a pilot program to also offer clothing, such as Fair Trade Certified t-shirts and aprons to selected Bon Appétit café employees. We are excited to see how the launching goes and we hope to soon see the aprons and shirts in our restaurants as well!

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