Good Luck, Duncan!

Combine two parts wisdom and one part charm, add a dash of hospitality and garnish with a friendly smile – this is the recipe for a great bartender!

After months of searching for the nation’s greatest bartenders, we’re thrilled to announce that our very own Lead Bartender Duncan Chase has been selected to compete against 19 talented bartenders in the United States Bartending’ Guild (USBG) and Diageo World Class US Finale.

Beginning June 19th, Duncan will travel to New York City to participate in 4 cocktail challenges  administered and judged by leading cocktail luminaries from across the industry. This unique, international cocktail training program will champion the art of the crafted cocktail the overall winner will be named the first ever World Class U.S. Ambassador and will represent the United States at the Diageo World Class Global Final in Brazil this July.

The Finalists are:

  • Nathan Burdette – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Duncan Chase – Seattle, Washington
  • Carlos Cuarta – Chicago, Illinois
  • Meaghan Dorman – New York, New York
  • Richard Gomez – Portland, Oregon
  • Erika Joyner – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Mark Kinzer – Miami, Florida
  • Connor Mansager – Portland, Oregon
  • James Menite – New York, New York
  • Jaime Ornelas – Guttenberg, New York
  • Casey Robison – Seattle, Washington
  • Jason Saura – Kirkland, Washington
  • Steve Schneider – New York, New York
  • Lisa Selman – Chicago, Illinois
  • Sother Teague – Brooklyn, New York
  • Jenn Tosatto – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Alexander Velez – Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Matthew Williams – New York, New York
  • Hal Wolin – New York, New York

Good luck, Duncan!

Mix Responsibly

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