MENUS (Cocktails)


Cocktails 8.50

Permanent Collection

The Hammering Man  l  aviation gin, lime juice, tonic, bitters

The Impressionist  l  absolut pear vodka, pear brandy, white lillet, soda

The Expressionist  |  absolut grapefruit vodka, campari, grapefruit juice

Ginger Jar  |  mt. gay rum, lime juice, ginger beer

Modern Press * | maker’s mark, basil, lemon, ginger simple syrup

Neo Cubist  |  pyrat rum, sparkling wine, mint, simple syrup

Special Exhibit

Art Pearing  I  absolut pears, fee brothers falernum, cherry infused rum, sparkling wine

The Cosmos  I  dried blueberry infused svedka vodka, lime juice, triple sec

Liberty’s Mojito  I  barcardi rum, infused tart cherries, lime juice, fresh mint

Hopper’s Collins  |  boodles gin, blood orange, lime, lemon, simple syrup

Marita Margarita  I  sauza hornitos tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, blue curacao

Lusty Lady  |  absolut grapefruit vodka, ruby red grapefruit juice, lychee liquor

Farm to Glass

Taste Toddy | clear creek kirschwasser liqueur, mint snoqualmie valley honey, klipsun vineyards verjus


Draft 12 oz | 3      18 oz  | 5

Roger’s Pilsner  |  georgetown brewing co. – seattle, wa

Pike IPA  |  pike brewing co. – seattle, wa

Elysian Perseus Porter  |  elysian brewing co. – seattle, wa

Bottles 12 oz  |  4

Pyramid Hefeweizen  |  pyramid brewing – seattle, wa

Pike Naughty Nelly Ale  |  pike brewing co. – seattle, wa

Maritime Flagship Red Ale  |  maritime pacific brewing co. – seattle, wa

Hale’s Red Menace Big Amber  |  hale’s ale – seattle, wa

Rogue Brutal Bitter  |  rogue brewing co. – newport, or

Non-alcoholic beer also available by the bottle

All simple syrups made with organic cane sugar.

* Featured in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

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